About the Author

Paolo Luchini

Paolo Luchini is a scholar of fluid dynamics and laser physics (), who has been developing CPL and its tools over a span of thirty years in his spare time, while at the same time he and his partners were actively using it for the numerical programming needs of many scientific projects.

Until 2020 the user base of CPL was minimal, but affectionate and persevering. Its author grew eventually persuaded to publish this website, with the hope (but with no warranty!) that CPL can be generally useful to other programmers.

The author can be reached as (.....) . If you develop your own application in CPL, a word will be appreciated. If you publish a scientific paper about your application, you are welcome to send a bibtex record, including doi, of your reference so it may be included in the list of scientific references that used CPL for their programming needs. Please also consider citing this website, or arXiv:2012.12143, or both.

About copyright

The CPL logo and the contents of this website other than the Applications section are Copyright 2020 Paolo Luchini. All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use the CPL logo (to be found here) as a link to this website, as a desktop icon for the CPL tools, or more generally as a reference to the CPL language defined here. Use of the logo for other, unrelated purposes is not permitted.

The software offered for download is released under its enclosed LICENSE.

The contributed Applications are under copyright of their respective authors, published here with permission, and regulated by their own licensing instructions.

The programming examples in the Applications/Tutorial section are placed in the public domain.

Queries concerning copyright can be addressed to (.....) .

The cover photo portrays the Gulf of Policastro. The author shot it while mountain hiking in his home Southern Italy.