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Complex numbers

The complex.cpl library adds complex-number algebra to CPL. Type COMPLEX is in fact an ordinary STRUCTURE defined as STRUCTURE(REAL REAL,IMAG) In addition to being used as a structure, a COMPLEX can appear in algebraic expressions and be written or read in the form <real> + <imag> ∗ I. The predefined constant I denotes the imaginary unit. All complex-number operations are inlined for performance. The following functions are defined: SQRT: square root EXP: exponential LOG: logarithm SIN: sine COS: cosine TAN: tangent ABS: absolute value NORM: squared absolute value ARG: argument or phase CONJG: Conjugate (inlined) In addition to the ordinary + - ∗ / ^ algebraic operations, an additional product operator is defined as a | b = CONJG(a)∗b CONJG(a) and this scalar-product operator are also defined when a and b are arrays of COMPLEX, just as all linear-space (cpl)ARRAY operations are.