! Generate Fibonacci numbers
! ==========================

ASK "How many? ":n   ! ask for console input and read it in n
INTEGER Fib(0..2)    ! declare and allocate array
Fib(0)=1; Fib(1)=0   ! initialize recursion
LOOP FOR n TIMES     ! the simplest of several LOOP forms available
  Fib(2)=Fib(1)      ! move up
  Fib(1)=Fib(0)      ! move up
  Fib(0)=Fib(1)+Fib(2)   ! Fibonacci's recursive formula
  WRITE Fib(0)   ! write each new number in turn to standard output
IF n>45 THEN WRITE "Warning: Fibonacci numbers beyond the 45th exceed the range of 32-bit INTEGERs"  ! provide warning about unsafe input data